• it was an old place黑人巨茎大战俄罗斯白人美女

    LuciusFor a few nights, I kept her sheltered and under the care of my home. When we went out together, it was only across the acres I owned. She would play happily, barefoot and naked while I watched. And then sometimes she would turn to look at me an...
  • ” I moaned黑人巨茎精品欧美一区二区

    Mind-Control PantiesStory Thirteen HuCow's Delicious MilkBy mypenname3000Copyright 2019Note: Thanks to Alex for beta reading this!The figure moved with ease through the department store. It was excited to leave its current pair of panties behind...
  • pushed them together黑人太粗太深了太硬受不了了

    Orgies Can Solve All Kinds of ProblemsFor all the things that can be said about my wife, Amy never let it be thought that she isn't smart. So it was only a matter of time before she became aware of my indiscretions. To be truthful I think I was g...
  • it was normal黑人巨茎迎战白嫩少妇

    [If you haven't read parts 1-3, you might want to go read them first]When Melanie got back to her house, she walked in to find her mom, Janice, waiting for her. Her mom looked up at her and narrowed her eyes, glaring daggers at Melanie, causing M...
  • second time黑人特级欧美aaaaaa片

    This is a follow-on to the story “We waited until 18”.QUICK BACKGROUND Gwen and I, my name is Tom, had grown up together since we were 3. We became best friends. Gwen was the most beautiful girl at school and had been elected to our high s...
  • lifted her top狠狠噜狠狠狠狠丁香五月

    Bank TellerMy daughter is a bank teller at my bank. I am the president of the bank, thanks to my grandfather and my father passing the title down to me.Tiffany is a gorgeous twenty-five-year-old bombshell. In high school she was the head cheerleader,...
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